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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The DropZone Show... #1 Indie Show in the Land

Yo Yo Yo....

 It has been going DOWN lately on the DropZone Show with DJ Mickulz and Silent Matty J every Monday evening at 8pm! Now its been seeming as though every indie artist on Twitter and Facebook has been hitting these guys up trying to get their music on the show. I personally blame it all on RebSkylarker, CashmooreDaGod, the whole Rebel crew and my homegirl out in NY... Cara Quici... much love! Shout to Sassy Vee for lacing the guys with some of her hot tracks as well. It seems like the guys cut off all the traditional bulbs in the studio, crank the black lights, keep the brews on tap, and ever so often a kid named Underage Tyler happens to pass by and smack Matty in the back of the head to make sure he doesn't doze off due to the heavy Zima drinking that does go on... and they just ZONE the hell out and DROP that good music. For those not familiar with Zima... check out the Wikipedia definition:
Zima is a clear, lightly carbonated, alcoholic beverage, that is made and distributed by the Coors Brewing Company, ultimately MillerCoors. Introduced in 1993, it was marketed not as a beer, but as an alternative to beer, an early example of what is now often referred to as alcopop. Its domestic production ceased in October 2008, but it is still marketed in Japan
Make sure you tune in to some of the HOTTEST Indie sounds in the country right here on the DROPZONE Show every Monday on NGA Radio! Long Live great Music!!!

Follow the guys on Twitter at @TheDropZoneShow @DJMickulz @SilentMatty_J

Friday, December 21, 2012

12/21/12…. And We Are Still Here?

Friday, December 14, 2012

What Should Happen To Kenya Moore For Breaking A Cardinal Rule to THE Game?

The Chic Perspective

By: DJ Egpyt D

There’s no ifs, ands, or buts about it. Kenya Moore, from the Real Housewives of Atlanta, broke the law. She broke a cardinal rule that you should NEVER break when it comes to friends and relationships. Let’s review.

She constantly flirted with Phaedra’s husband, Apollo, and then said, “I don’t think I was flirting with Apollo. I hope I wasn’t flirting. Well, there’s no shame in my game.”

And then she does the ultimate no no when she said, “Now Phaedra, if it’s Apollo’s birthday and you had to pick two of your girlfriends, who would you pick?”

Now her angle on the show is that she’s 41, never been married and is now dying for a husband and kids. (Sidebar Conversation: Why are so many "wives" of the Basketball and Housewives franchises not married?) How can she be serious about getting married when she’s flirting with literally every man she sees? Isn't her clock about to expire any day now?

This is why she's acting a damn ho fool. Her “boyfriend” Walter Jackson confessed on the Frank and Wanda Radio Show on V103 (see below) in Atlanta that the entire relationship was a lie. It was simply for the cameras to get her on the show.
And if you glanced at them for a second, you could easily tell. When she started flirting wit Apollo and shaking her *ss on Peter, Walter was sitting there watching the whole thing and never said a word. His body language read: “I would NEVER marry this tr*ck.”

This old ho needs to be put down asap. Yes you can be chic and still check a b*tch.

Court adjourned.

The Rules to the Unspoken Game of Relationships

The Chic Perspective

By: DJ Egypt D & Maya Lomasi

Here are a couple of rules that come to mind when it comes to the unspoken game of relationships. We never talk about them because it's thought to already be understood. But for the rookies and the just down right disrespectful, we thought we'd help yall. More to come. Add your rules in the comments, if you dare.

1. Don’t flirt with your friend’s significant other.
2. If you do flirt, you have been authorized by The Chic Perspective to get slapped, b*tch slapped to be exact.

3. Don’t date younger than yourself, 3 years should be the max.

4. If you do date younger, don’t catch feelings.

5. If you do catch feelings, make sure it’s mutual.

6. If it's mutual, make sure it’s going somewhere.
Example. Not going anywhere: You’re a lawyer, he/she works at Burger King.

7. Don't date a friend’s ex or “left overs.”

8. But if you just can’t help yourself, you MUST get permission from your friend FIRST.
9. Also make sure that it’s worth it because your friend will look at you differently, even if it is subconsciously.

10. If your friend’s significant other tries to holla at you, you must snitch IMMEDIATELY. Don’t wait 2 weeks.

11. If your friend confesses to you what happened, you must dump your boyfriend/girlfriend.

12. Make sure you trust your friend first. So you know they’re telling you the truth. There must be several scenarios that easily come to your mind of their trustworthiness, so that you feel comfortable in your dumping decision.

13. If your friend is a ho, dump your friend.
14. You can’t be friends with hos, they’ll eventually cross you.

15. If you’re single, do you and don’t feel guilty about it. This is your time to put you first. Focus on what you want to do. Men/women are secondary.

More Rules To Come...

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Featured Interview Tonight on The Eargasm MiXX Show W/ Cara Quici


Cara Quici-

 NGA Radio brings you LIVE interviews from some of the hottest indie and mainstream artists around the country and beyond! Tonight we have a special treat for you coming from New York by way of Texas, we are pleased to bring you Cara Quici!!! If you are not too familiar with Cara, let me give you a quick rundown without spoiling what we have in store for tonight.

 Taken from Wikipedia:
As of early 2011, she has been working with choreographers and vocal coaches, including vocal coach Wendy Parr. She has been working on her performances consistently and has successful shows under her belt including her first live show at Rokk City in New York City, which was to benefit the Humane Society and resulted in the venue overflowing. Her National TV performances include episode 7 of Bravo's Season 5 "Real Housewives of New York City" where she performed her 3 singles "Do It Now", "Fall" and "Bad Girl". She was also featured performing live on Bravo TV's "Watch What Happens Live" hosted by Andy Cohen season 7, episode 22. Rise and 'Fall' (Clubhouse favorite Cara Quici popped in to serve drinks and sing her hit song, 'Fall). Cara Quici’s unreleased songs “Adios” “OAI” & “Clone” were also featured on four different episodes of the CMT’s hit Show “Southern Nights.” In recent news Cara Quici and celebrity fashion photographer Gian Andrea di Stefano have collaborated in a series of photographs portraying her identity and iconic inspirations; Goddess of Punk Rock, Blondie's leading lady, Debbie Harry, and the Queen of Pop, Madonna. Quici's photos have received national attention and press. As of March 2012, Quici was named the official spokesperson of “Million Faces of Support,” which is a movement created to encourage and support our troops through creating a montage of a million supporting faces, as they try to set a world record for the largest mosaic photo-measuring the size of a football field. Quici continues to write melodies and lyrics, currently has 12 singles on iTunes, was recently added into Pandora Radio, and has been dubbed as a "pop star" by NY's Page Six and Daily News newspapers.
Check her out below and stay tuned for her LIVE interview tonight only on NGA Radio!!!


We also want to give a huge ShoutOut to Cara's manager, Darwin Ortiz for making this all possible!

Written by Mark Joseph