Monday, November 14, 2011

Occupy- The Age of Enlightment... Remixed

"You are a slave Neo, like everyone else you were born into bondage...born into a prison that you cannot smell or taste or touch. a Prison for your mind."- Morpheus in The Matrix

This weekend I had the awesome opportunity to ride thru downtown Savannah,GA and just so happened to roll up on a team of protesters who were out at Emmett Park. I had to stop immedately and take some pictures and just talk with them for a moment. The one thing that all 99%'s are trying to get across to people is that it is time to WAKE UP. We cannot continue to walk blindly throughout society and hope things will just fix themselves.
Taken by MJ- Occupy Savannah signs

Occupy Savannah has been going strong for 37 days now and there is no end in sight until things start to change. I posted the above quote from the movie The Matrix which is so deeply tied to our everyday living that we totally miss it. WAKE UP is all Morpheus kept telling must set your mind free. Philosophers for centuries have been saying this very same thing but for some strange reason, the Matrix...Society has a stronghold on you that makes it almost impossible to break free. Whe something becomes so engrained in you...regardless of the effects on the masses, most will still defend it.
Occupy Savannah protesters- Taken by MJ

Occupy Savannah and Occupy Atanta along with all the other Occupy cities want to end the banks...most people will not because this is what they know. Get paid...go to the bank to make deposit. Pay fees...well that is just part of being with the bank. Well when you look at everything behind the fees and break down the real reasoning then you may see it in a different way. What is REALITY? It is whatever YOU perceive it to be based on your subjective experience. If this is that case...why don't we want a new REALITY? There was one lady that was out there for the Occupy movement in Savannah and she was out there for 36 out of 37 days...gotta be tough and stand strong. The Age of Enlightenment is back and trust me...when our people wake up...its gonna be beautiful thing. Check out this clip below on The Age of Enlightenment and share your comments below.
36 days strong- Taken by MJ of NGA-Radio

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