Thursday, December 8, 2011

LIFESTYLE: AIDS vs HIV...what is really going on?

Greetings Friends

Ever since I first heard about AIDS...I was left with the immediate notion that sex is dangerous. Why? Well they say that it is the number 1 killing sexually transmitted disease, which I understand because of how easily it can be passed. They also said it was linked to the propaganda always said if you got HIV you were gonna get AIDS and eventually die. You see all the commercials and hear of the deaths...but never hear of a cure. It all mysteriously just came from nowhere and hit the population starting with blacks and homosexuals...what a group to start out with smh. Nonetheless this is who was targeted...less than 40 years ago this was not an issue but at least 50 years ago it was being thought of and concocted in government labs. Why? Germ warfare to depopulize? I am not sure of the reasons, but I can almost see where it is not unlikely that this is a man-made disease that actually has nothing to do with HIV...Magic Johnson has been living forever with HIV and so do many other people across the world, now AIDS is a whole other beast as it is not from HIV but yet from other things that people do to harm themselves. I attached a video here for your viewing and incite you to do your own research as these are just my thoughts.

Peace and Love

Written by Mark Joseph