Wednesday, January 11, 2012


TV Watchers out there...

Last night was the season premier for the hit show...The Game on BET. This show over the past few years has made Tuesday nights a ladies night again. The Twitter and Facebook news feeds are full of updates from the show throughout the show. If you don't have BET, just turn on Facebook and you won't miss a beat. I always used to think it was called The Game because the guys were football players, but I see that it is really about the Game of relationships...which is why more women watch the show then men do. The ladies like Derwin and Malik and they make the show go, without ratings. I hope you all enjoyed your Tuesday night...just don't let this and the show Love and Hip Hop take over the world lol.

Tell us about your favorite cast member or scene in the show since it has aired below.

Peace out!