Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Will the R-LOVE-ution be televised? Not if ANONYMOUS can help it...

Love the mask lol-

So my partner got wind of a new video by the group called ANONYMOUS and they have a new initiative brewing. Shut down CNN's stream of the debate tomorrow due to the media's lack of coverage on Ron Paul. They try to black out and censor almost everything he says as the time draws near to the point where its either no news or controversial news. ANONYMOUS is sending a message...the American people are sending a message to the media that they no longer care to be brainwashed by the tactics of the government, powers that be, and the media outlets. Check out the video below and comment for yourself.

Also a video was posted regarding the MegaUpload website that i'm sure some of you have heard of. The government shut down the largest file sharing site out there and arrested 4 people. gotta love the masks. Check it out.

We all have thoughts about these things and now is the time to voice your opinions...will the Revolution be televised? Hit us up also on Twitter @NEXGENATL.

Written by Mark Joseph