Saturday, May 12, 2012

NGA-NEWZ: Serena Williams are you serious???

WAAAAAAAITTT a mminute!!!!

Serena Williams rap career-

 You mean to tell me that Serena Williams has decided to become a rapper now? Oh my good lord baby jesus lol. I can't believe it but why do these athletes always want to take a crack at rapping? Kobe, Shaq, Ron Artest... now Serena, this is crazy. She went to Baltimore Ravens player Bryant McKinnie's studio and laid down a few tracks. I have the joint from YouTube below so you can listen and comment. So what do you think about athletes doing this? Of all sports though we have a tennis player doing this... imagine Novak Djokovic putting out a new dubstep album, that would be hot huh? But with all due respect to Serena, stick to the tennis court my dear... this arena is not the one for you.


 By Mark Joseph