Saturday, June 9, 2012

NGA-NEWZ: So now he wants to hang President Obama?

So once again this idiot named Terry Jones is in the news. This time he isn't burning the Quran... but even worse he is calling for President Obama to be hung by displaying an effigy outside of their Dove World Outreach Center in Gainseville, Florida.

Effigy of President Obama-

 Now I will be the first to say that i don't agree with everything that the president has done since taking office, but the last thing I would think of is hanging the man. This is just a form of total disrespect and in America... "the land of the free"... some tend to take it too far. This is the same guy who helped incite a riot overseas due to his Quran burning idea.

 With stunts like this being pulled, it's no wonder why other countries dislike and disrespect America as they do. Who is really going to take us seriously when the average person can play out a scene in which they are blaming their President for killing babies, and then emulating the hanging of said President without the CIA or Secret Service arresting this guy. I guess freedom of speech only works in some instances. Jones'reason for creating this display is because he says Obama supports gay marriage and abortion.

My thing is.. how hypocritical can this Pastor Jones really be? This is the same guy trying to disrespect an ENTIRE religion! Keep in mind he is a PASTOR, but he is judging people the first chance he gets and being totally ugly with it at the same time. According to the local paper in Broward County, they say the Secret service is currently checking Jones out. Check out this video below and share your thoughts please.


 This dude has lost his mind in real life.

 Written by Mark Joseph